Torpedo Molten Iron Ore Wagon

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Scunthorpe Steelworks Torpedo Wagons


In the 1960s British Steel needed to improve and increase its Iron and Steelmaking facilities in Scunthorpe, the result of this was the anchor project. Work began on the project in the 1970s and part of this was new Torpedo wagons to carry the molten Iron from the Blast Furnaces to the Basic Oxygen Steelmaking plant.

 The Torpedo wagons built by Distington Engineering Company in Workington, were built in 2 batches; the 1st arriving in 1973.

 20 Torpedo’s were built for the Appleby Frodingham and Redburn works. A further 10 were built for Normandy Park works, these were fitted with airbrakes to enable the transport of Iron between Normandy Park and Appleby Frodingham works by crossing the Lindsey Light Railway.

Originally built to carry 250t of molten Iron at a temperature of 1480C. The Torpedo’s were later rebuilt in 1980 the 1990s to raise this amount to 300t.

Still in use to this day, these wagons can often be seen from the Scunthorpe Steelworks rail tours with the Appleby Frodingham Railway Preservation Society.

Available in a prototypical twin pack £160.  We also have developed a DCC operated version, to allow the barrel to rotate 180to simulate emptying.  There will also be an orange light in the mouth of the barrel to simulate the molten iron. These will retail at £200 for the twin pack.

Andrew Plumtree and Glenn Britcliffe -

Appleby Frodingham Railway Preservation Society