GT3 OO Gauge

  • £165.83

The English Electric GT3 was designed and built in the Vulcan Foundry in Newton-le-Willows, Cheshire in 1958.  After a lot of testing, it was found to be uneconomical to use with the introduction of diesel power.  The GT3 had the look of a steam loco with its traditional loco tender configuration.  KR Models has captured the essence of the GT3 in this model.  It would make an excellent addition to any layout.  

Delivery expected to be before the end of 2021, but this is subject to change.

Following the success of the GT3 OO gauge loco, we have been asked if we would consider a 2nd production run. 

If you are interested because you missed out or you were sat on the fence undecided, then please make your interest known. 

GT3 OO Gauge DCC Ready £199, GT3 OO gauge DCC Fitted £229  GT3 OO gauge DCC Sound £299, both plus shipping.

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