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The Fell 10100 N Gauge
The Fell 10100 N Gauge The Fell 10100 N Gauge

The Fell 10100 N Gauge


This locomotive was built to the design of H G Ivatt, Chief Mechanical Engineer of the London Midland Region of British Railways, in collaboration with Fell Developments Ltd and Ricardo & Company. Fell Developments was set up by Lt Col L F R Fell who was responsible for the concept and design of the unique engines and transmission arrangements. In the late 1940s the railways faced growing competition from the motor car and airlines offering internal flights. To counter the challenge the railways wanted to offer fast passenger train services between the major cities. Thus the term 'inter-city' was first coined and used with reference to rail travel. Developed for the proposed fast inter-city trains, the Fell locomotive was built at British Railways Derby Works in 1949/50, introduced in January 1951, and remained in service until November 1958.

Power came from four supercharged 12 cylinder Paxman RPH Series 1 engines, each producing 500 bhp at 1,500 rpm (2,000 bhp in total). The engines were housed under bonnets at each end of the locomotive which had two drivers' cabs, each with a complete set of controls and instruments. Two 150 bhp 9.6 litre AEC auxiliary engines provided the power for driving ancillary equipment including the superchargers, cooling fans for water and oil radiators, gearbox oil pumps and vacuum exhausters. The main drive was through fluid couplings with a system of direct mechanical gearing. With a 4-8-4 wheel configuration, the 'Fell' had a top speed of 78 mph and weighed 116 tons. The complexity of the Fell made maintenance time consuming and expensive, and no more were built. A detailed technical description of this prototype and comments by John Cove, who had some involvement with the Fell project while working at Paxman.  In 1955 Fell drew up plans for a 2,300 bhp locomotive of similar design, the highest power single diesel unit in the world at that time. It was designed to be suitable for long distance express passenger trains and heavy freight. The main difference from the original Fell locomotive was that two Paxman 4 RPHs were specified as auxiliaries in place of the AEC engines. This second project did not progress beyond the drawing board.

KR Models proudly announces the launch of the much-anticipated model of the Fell – 10100.  This very unusual looking loco was quite the head turner.  Plus it’s unusual engineering makes it a very sought after model. With 4 Paxman prime mover engines and two AEC auxiliary engines, it had the most complex gearbox ever engineered.  Having been brought into service in 1951 and because of a fire, put out of service 1952.

It will be available in Black and Brunswick green in both OO and N gauges, subject to enough interest.  This RTR model will be available in both liveries, and in DCC ready and DCC sound.  It will have a 5 pole motor, ESU LokSound V5.0 decoder, sprung buffers, NEM pockets. Prices will be £140 and £245.


  • 21-pin DCC socket with easy access
  • DCC sound by a LokSound V5.0 decoder
  • Directional LED Lighting
  • Heavy die-cast metal chassis with central motor and flywheels giving a powerful performance
  • Separately fitted wire handrails and sandpipes
  • Spoked wheels
  • Etched grilles
  • Sprung buffers
  • Flush glazing
  • Available in Black and Brunswick Green with orange stripes.
  • Expression of interest is open to N gauge